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The Campus App – One for all

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Installation on every device

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Installing the app is so simple


The campus app is available on all devices.


You can open it via the browser on your computer or laptop via ➔ and add it to your bookmarks.
Of course, you can also open the app on your smartphone/tablet and add it to your home screen.

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Features in detail




What's on the menu today?


The app offers quick access to the current menu of the day, whether you're on campus at Roten Tor or Brunnenlech. Find current dishes, like your favorites and keep an eye on opening times.


  • All main dishes and side dishes
  • Option to like
  • Display of vegan & vegetarian dishes
  • Details on prices and ingredients
  • Choice between canteens at Roten Tor and Brunnenlech
  • Opening hours



When is the next lecture?


Design your timetable according to your needs and keep track of everything thanks to the integration with WebUntis and a clear view.


  • Individual timetable
  • Clear daily view
  • Manage courses
  • Integration with WebUntis
  • Set your own colors

Interaction in the lecture


Start a quiz


Interaction and activity instead of boredom in frontal teaching - with the Campus app, teachers can easily carry out various activities in the lecture.

The app not only offers quizzes (created by the teacher) in real time, but also word clouds for joint brainstorming. The mood barometer allows for instant feedback during the lecture, while the grouping feature connects you with your fellow students for activities.


  • Knowledge check with quizzes
  • Mood barometer for feedback
  • Grouping for activities
  • Brainstorming with word clouds



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