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  • Business Informatics
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  • Computer Sciences

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E-books by various publishers, e.g.:


Interactive Learning

Videos: Learning Paths, Case Studies

NOT licensed: Live Online Training

Good to know

  • The database offers no download option as PDF. You have the possibility to copy sections / single chapters of an e-book.
  • Download of complete e-books for offline use is possible with the O'Reilly app (available for iOS and Android, but not for Kindle: Amazon prevents the installation on its E-reader devices).
  • By default, only contents in English language are available.
  • For access to multilingual content, activate the checkboxes of the respective languages in "Settings / Edit your account preferences" and save by clicking on "Update account preferences"
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  • Create playlists: You can compile e-books, chapters and video units into individual playlists.Playlists can also be shared across the university or with all O'Reilly users worldwide.
  • Highlight text and add notes: Mark some text with the mouse and choose one of the options "Copy", "Highlight" or "Note".