Hello guys,

summer semester just started and the Studentische Vertretung (SV) is having an election. If you guys want to be active in your uni life, or want to make new friends, joining the SV is a good choice, especially if you just started studying (∼2 Sem students).

If you're insecure of your german, no worries. It's because what's the most important is your motivation to join in activities and help out. Besides, you can always improve your german afterwards.

The SV consists of 2 members in Senat, 2 members in Fakultätsrat (2 x 7 Faculties = 14 members), and 14 normal convent members. We work with different clubs (Referate) and organisations (Gremien). Which is why we can learn a lot just by joining the SV.

The Benefits of joining the SV.

  • You will learn a lot regarding how a typical university functions (or general german Bureaucracy) on a daily basis. From HS-Kino to LAK Bayern. Anything is possible.
  • You can improve your german (by a lot!!), because of working with a lot of different topics.
  • Friends from different age group and different faculties.

If you are a normal member (Konventmitglied), you will not spend that much time as the others as there are not so many obligations to begin with (∼4 hrs per week).

If you feel like SV is not your thing, you can help out the clubs (Referate), Leben am Campus, Gleichstellung, Öffentlichkeitsarbeit, Internationales, Nachhaltigkeit, Studienbedingungen. There is a wide range of choices for you.

If you want to know more, the SV-Büro is open (if there's anyone inside) for you to walk in and ask about the details. Or just ask me.

Bryan Lim +4915752840876

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