Hochschule Augsburg
Game Development

Turbotools – Robo Ralley Remake


For the past few years Facebook has grown to one of the biggest social networks worldwide. All kinds of usergroups are using so called social and casual games to relaxe or just to dawdle away. But why is this? This master thesis is to determine what is needed to develope a social and casual game. A game design document is a kind of blueprint for the game development process. A in- troduction is made by a overview of the browsergame »TurboTools«. Gameplay and its containing topics »Challenges« and »Actions« describe what the challenges for the user are and what kind of actions are possible. The game characters are very important. Therefore the following chapter covers the whole character development process. This section shows detailed character designs and artwork to demonstrate the thoughts of the game concept. Almost as important as the game characters is the game world. There are detailed descrip- tions of places and race tracks within this new game world. 14 game levels show the possibil- ity of gameplay for the user and his competitors. This master thesis concludes with a explicit view of developing and implementing a browsergame prototyp for Facebook. This master thesis will show that social games do make a new game experience in the end.

Master Thesis by Boris Heisserer Christoph Röhne, betreut von Prof. Jens Müller und Prof. Dr Thomas Rist.