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Driverless mobility


Radar sensors for the digital traffic infrastructure


In march 2017, the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, abbreviated BMVI, has brought the research programme "Digital Test Field Autobahn" into life. A primary focus of this programme lies on automated and cross-linked driving. In this framework, research on an infrastructure of cooperative radar sensors along a test track at the Autobahn A9 (project KoRA9) will be funded between 09/2017 and 06/2019. The project goal is an exemplary operation of stationary radar sensors for the purposes of traffic flow management and the support of automated driving. KoRA9 is a joint project of Siemens, Infineon, Intel, the Technical University of Munich and the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg. Our working group is responsible for the signal processing of the radar signals, which incorporates the detection, the tracking and the prediction as well as a classification of objects such as road users and obstacles, including the pilot use at the Autobahn A9.

Beyond an increasing number of mobile radar sensors already deployed on board of automobiles, the advent of automated driving and its support through an infrastructure of cross-linked stationary radar sensors will further contribute to the risk of mutual interference. Therefore, another focus of our works lies in methods that help establish smooth coexistence of mobile and stationary radar sensors.