It is difficult to find accommodation in Augsburg, so you should arrange it in good time. As a student, you can live in a hall of residence, shared accommodation (WG) or in your own apartment.

The living situation that is best for you depends on your personality and your financial means. Each living situation has advantages and disadvantages. It is therefore important to reach a decision on what type of accommodation is suitable for you.

If you are renting accommodation, you usually need to pay a deposit. This deposit is refunded when you move out (as long as you have not caused any damage).

Rent is composed of the basic rent and ancillary costs (e.g. electricity, gas, heating, internet, waste collection, costs for a caretaker).

Please also bear in mind that in Germany, the television license must be paid per household. This is not part of the rent. Tenants must take care of this themselves.

Hall of residence


Spaces in halls of residence are highly sought-after. You can make new contacts and find friends quickly there. As soon as you have received a letter of admission, apply to the Augsburg Student Services for a room. The Augsburg Student Services offer service packages, especially for foreign students who are coming to Augsburg for the first time to study.

The facilities in the halls of residence vary. Usually, you have your own room and your own bathroom and you share a kitchen and common rooms with other students.

Caution! In halls of residence, subletting to friends is generally not permitted. You need express permission from Student Services for this.

In addition to the Student Service, there are other institutions that manage student residences and rent out rooms. You can find a list of all public funded housing complexes on the page of the Student Office.



Shared accommodation (WG)


Shared accommodation (WG) is very popular in Germany. In this case, several people share an apartment. Each person has their own bedroom and the kitchen, bathroom and living room are shared.

Living in shared accommodation is relatively cheap because the costs (rent, ancillary costs) are split. In shared accommodation, it is important to show consideration for your fellow occupants. If this would be your preferred type of accommodation, you can usually only look for a WG once you have arrived in Augsburg.




If you enjoy living alone, renting your own apartment would be the best option. It is important to consider that you will have sole responsibility for all organizational and legal issues relating to your living situation in this case and to ensure that you have sufficient financial means. You can start searching for an apartment on the private property market from your home country.

Short-term accommodation options


If you need somewhere to stay for a few days after arriving in Augsburg and before moving into your accommodation, we can recommend the following low-cost options: