When planning your studies in Germany, you need to ensure that you have the necessary financial resources.

This overview provides information about the estimated living costs of a foreign student at the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences.

ExpensesEstimated expenses per month
Rent (incl. additional costs)Around 280 – 480 € (depending on the size and location of the apartment)
Health insuranceAround 80 € (for student not having a health insurance agreement with Germany)
License fee (in Germany obligatory)Around 18 €
Semester ticket (62,85 €) for local public transport – per semesterAround 10 €
Semester fee for Studentenwerk 52 €Around 9 €
Transportation (in addition to the travel costs already covered by the semester ticket)Around 60 €
Telephone / InternetAround 25 €
Study materialsAround 25 €
Leisure activities / ClothesAround 80 €
Food / HouseholdAround 160 €
TotalAround 750 – 950 €

You need to ensure that at least €861 per month, €10,332 per year, is available to you. Applicants from countries requiring a visa, in particular, need proof of this.

The most common ways to prove that you have sufficient means to cover your living costs are:

  • Locked account: You open an account at a bank in Germany containing at least €10,332.
  • Proof of parents' income: Your parents can provide evidence of sufficient income to finance your third-level education in Germany, e.g. bank statements.
  • Scholarship: You receive a scholarship from a scholarship provider recognized in Germany. There are various support options for international students in Bavaria.

Caution: Statements created by notaries in foreign countries are not accepted by the immigration authority. Declarations of commitment always need to be issued by German embassies or an immigration authority in Germany.