For the Applied study semester


As an exchange student of the Applied study semester, please take a look at our official Visa and residence permit website.

For the Research internship program



(For students with a European nationality or of a country of the European Economic Area, please see the section "Registration in town".)

When you intern in the laboratories of the TUA for 90 days at the maximum, you are enrolled as a student and basically need a student visa.

However, visa conditions for a stay of a maximum of 90 days can differ from a regular exchange semester in Germany. Certain citizenships do not require a student visa in this case. A tourist visa given by the visa stamp is deemed to be adequate. Note that these conditions do change on the 91st day of stay.

Please contact your study abroad advisor to clarify if your citizenship requires a student visa to participate in the short-term Research internship program, or contact the Immigration office and the international office counseling Augsburg.

For further information about entry without a visa, see the overview of visa requirements/ exemptions for entry at the Federal German Office.

Residence permit

If you have a tourist visa, you have to register in person at the Foreigner's registration office of the city of Augsburg after your arrival. Please get in touch with the program coordinator (Marie Heinze) when you know about your visa requirements and arrival date. She will readily arrange an appointment for you for the time shortly after your arrival since the waiting time can take up to 6 weeks.

If you have a student visa, you do not need to register in person at the Foreigner's registration office of the city of Augsburg. Your documents will be delivered directly to the International Office. Please send a copy of your visa to Marie Heinze to initiate the registration process for the residence permit.

Registration in town

If you have a European nationality or of a country of the European Economic Area, you do not need a visa or residence permit.

However, you have to register with the city. For this, please register at a “Bürgerbüro” (citizens’ office) of the city of Augsburg (StadtmitteHaunstettenKriegshaber, or Hochzoll).

You need the following documents to register with the city:

  • Passport or ID card
  • Letter of admission or certificate of enrollment at Technical University of Applied Sciences Augsburg
  • “Wohnungsgeberbestätigung” (confirmation of landlord) must be completed and signed