Transfer of Credits After the Semester Abroad

Upon your completion of the “Semester Abroad”, you have to have your credits acquired at the host university to be transferred back to our university.

Please make an appointment with the respective International Coordinator (either Prof. Dr. Anton Frantzke or Prof. Dr. Wolfram Schönfelder) to have your credits and grades acquired from the Host University accredited.

Required documents are:

  • Application form for the Accreditation (Antrag zur Anerkennung von Studienleistungen):
    -non-Erasmus+ exchange:
    is available as PDF on the download

    -Erasmus+ exchange: the form is available from the Form Center of our  International Office
  • Official Transcript with authorized signature and /or stamp from the host university
  • A copy of the latest Learning Agreement
  • A report on your experience at the host university