Compulsory Course/Required Elective

Compulsory Course

Type of Course




Offered in

Summer Term



Credit Hours


Type of Course Assessment

Written Examination

Duration of the Exam

120 minutes


Decimal Grade

Admission Requirements
Knowledge and skills from modules
• Introduction to Finance and Financial Accounting
• Financial Reporting
• Managerial Accounting
• Multinational Business Finance and Investment
• Mathematics
Personal characteristics: Very good understanding of English as a foreign language, greataffinity for finance, mathematics, and corporate strategy. The ability to show initiative and take on responsibility. Attitude, priorities, success, pride, edge, great involvement.



To gain significant insights into corporate finance, M&A, valuation, risk management and investor relations topics



Corporate Valuation

  • Modelling, core & advanced valuation techniques

Mergers, Corporate Control and Governance

  • Process, M&A strategy, M&A transaction management; post merger integration)

Risk Management

  • Theory and tools: Managing financial risk arising from equity, debt, currencies andcommodities (FICC)
  • Preferred and recommended combinations involve the study focus “Management Control”,“European Tax and Corporate Law”, “European Integration” or “International Accounting”
  • The module provides a solid basis for our Master programme “International Business andFinance” which expands and goes into greater detail on the respective topics in lectures such as “Advanced Risk Management”, “Advanced M&A” and others.

Investor Relations

  • Institutional aspects of investor relations
  • Financial aspects of investor relations
  • Legal aspects of investor relations
  • Organisational aspects of investor relations
  • Strategic aspects of investor relations
  • Marketing aspects of investor relations
  • Investor relations in special situations

Recommended readings

  • Recent scientific publications tbd each term
  • Feix, T. (2020). End-to-End M&A Process Design - Resilient Business Model Innovation. Wiesbaden: Springer Science.
  • Koller: Corporate Valuation
  • Brealey/Myers: Fundamentals of Corporate Finance
  • Eiteman/Stonehill/Moffett: Multinational Business Finance
  • Hull: Options, Futures and Other Derivative Securities
  • Bekaert/Hodrick: International Financial Management
  • Kirchhoff/Piwinger: Praxishandbuch Investor Relations
  • Kuhnle/Banzhaf: Finanzkommunikation unter IFRS
  • Picot: Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Bing: Due Diligence Techniques and Analysis
  • Berens/Brauner/Strauch: Due Diligence bei Unternehmensakquisitionen
  • Jansen: Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Steven M Bragg: Running an Effective Investor Relations Department, New Jersey, 2010.
  • Katie Frankel; Bill Lumley; Martin Hennessey: Investor Relations Handbook, 2004.
  • Alexander V. Laskin: Managing Investor Relations – Strategies for Effective Communication,New York, 2010.

Workload and Breakdown of Credits


12 ECTS x 30 hours = 360 hours,  combined out of the following:

  • Course attendance: 120 hours
  • Preparation / homework / self-study : 120 hours
  • Semester project / presentation: 60 hours
  • Exam preparation: 60 hours
  • Exam time: 120 minutes

Teaching and Learning Methods

  • Interactive lectures with integrated exercises
  • Discussion on case studies
  • Real-life cases, guest lectures by top experts and executives
  • Self-study beyond lectures
  • Presentations (worked out by students) to class and top experts
  • Establishing working papers