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Summer Term



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Type of Course Assessment

Written Examination

Duration of the Exam

60 minutes


Decimal Grade

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International Marketing:

  • Students shall obtain awareness and expertise about the globalization of markets, new markets and changing markets. They shall develop an international market - and customer-focused understanding of business, the meaning of economic, cultural, political and technological conditions and about the most common tools in international and global marketing management. They shall recognize and know about the different strategies, questions of segmentation and possibilities of market entry. They shall be familiar with the common instruments of marketing communication and will be able to apply those.. Students are taught to apply marketing management knowledge specifically to product- and customer relationship management.

Product- and Customer Relationship Management:

  • Students are introduced to the philosophy and methods of a modern strategic and operative product management. They shall be able to work with lifecycle management, connected to all the other main functions of a company dealing with products (R&D, Quality, Supply Chain, Production, HR, Controlling, Sales, Communication…). They further shall obtain competence to manage customer relationships in order to raise the benefit for both, company as well as customer. They also understand the link to the other main functions of dealing with customers. They shall learn about the responsibility to be the only function generating business. They shall become familiar with the process of business research, particularly concerning sample theory, questionnaire design and statistical analysis. They are trained to design a constructive questionnaire, which meets the requirements of the customers’ briefing. They shall be able to analyze the data, which results from a business research project, with descriptive data analysis, regression techniques and interpret the statistical measures and significance tests in a correct manner.



International Marketing

  • Principles of global marketing
  • Social, cultural, economic, political, legal environment
  • Global marketing strategies, segmentation and market entry
  • International Brand Management
  • International Marketing Communication (selected instruments)

Product- and Customer Relationship Management

  • Strategic and operative product management
  • Modern customer relationship management
  • Profiles as the key points of successful product management and sales/CRM
  • Instruments of modern product management and sales/CRM
  • Process of business research
  • Questionnaire design
  • Analysis and interpretation of data

Recommended readings

  • Berekoven, Ludwig / Eckert, Werner / Ellenrieder, Peter, Marktforschung, 11. Aufl., Wiesbaden 2006
  • Hofbauer, Günter, Professionelles Produktmanagement, 2. Aufl., Erlangen 2011
  • Hofmaier, Richard, Marketing, Sales and Customer Management, 4. Aufl., Oldenburg 2015
  • Ghauri, Pervez / Cateora, Philip, International Marketing, 4th edition, 2014
  • Berndt, Ralph / Fantapie Altobelli, Claudia / Sander, Matthias, Internationales Marketing Management, 4. Aufl., Berlin 2010
  • Keegan, Warren J. / Green, Mark C., Global Marketing, 8th edition, Harlow 2015

Workload and Breakdown of Credits


12 ECTS x 30 hours = 360 hours,  combined out of the following:

  • Course attendance: 90 hours
  • Preparation / homework / self-study : 125 hours
  • Time for exercises and group work: 25 hours
  • Semester project / presentation: 60 hours
  • Exam preparation: 60 hours
  • Exam time: 60 minutes

Teaching and Learning Methods

  • Interactive lectures
  • Presentations by students
  • Real life cases
  • Guest lectures and/or study trip