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Technical University of Applied Sciences Augsburg starts New Master's Program in Sustainability Management

Applications Will Be Accepted from November 15th

Engaging in project work enhances the skills necessary to promote sustainability within organizations. Photo: THA
Nov 2, 2023

The new Master's program in Sustainability Management will start at the Technical University of Applied Sciences Augsburg (THA) in the summer semester of 2024. Prospective students can apply for this program for the first time from November 15th to December 15th. An online information session about this new offering will take place on Friday, November 10th at 3:00 PM. For all the details, please visit the THA website at


For the Technical University of Applied Sciences Augsburg, resource efficiency has long been a guiding theme. Whether students are engineers, computer scientists, or social workers, the institution is very concerned that all of them are made aware of sustainability issues, regardless of their field of study. Sabine Joeris, a professor at the Faculty of Business, says: "In their own projects, such as the 'sustainable campus', and in their own modules, our students deal with how THA can become more environmentally friendly and socially responsible. We have also established a solid foundation for the future in the university leadership, with a Vice President for Research and Sustainability, a Sustainability Advisory Board, a Sustainability Task Force, and a Climate Protection Manager. We even keep an eye on the energy efficiency of the buildings."

With the new Master's program in Sustainability Management, THA is further expanding its offerings at the Faculty of Business. The regular duration of the program is five semesters. "Classes are held three days a week, allowing students to realistically combine their studies with their work in a company through a dual model. However, Sustainability Management can also be studied on a full-time basis. The program deliberately focuses on interdisciplinarity: it can be pursued with any bachelor's degree, and many modules are taught jointly by professors from different faculties. The advantage is clear: strengths and perspectives from various fields are brought together, enabling students to gain a more comprehensive understanding of entrepreneurial sustainability issues. A special highlight is the fourth semester, during which students work on specific projects with a regional focus. Companies can submit project ideas to the THA, which are then tackled by groups of five to six students and supervised by professors acting as coaches," says Joeris, the head of the program.

Variable areas of application after graduation

Students of the new program gain a comprehensive understanding of the relevance of global sustainability goals and the resulting requirements for organizations. This will enable graduates to further increase the level of sustainability in companies. They learn, for example, how to design a sustainable corporate infrastructure, to prepare and communicate sustainability reports, to develop sustainable products and produce them sustainably, and to implement diversity, inclusion and health in the workplace. Students receive support from an advisory board comprising experts from various companies and institutions.

Thanks to a wide range of elective options, students can specialize in different areas during their studies. To allow them to put theory into practice immediately, they will work on sustainability projects and participate in sustainability-related activities in collaboration with regional companies.

Diverse Career Opportunities

Upon successful completion of the program, students will be awarded the academic degree Master of Arts (M.A.). After graduation, they can pursue careers in advisory staff positions or operational roles aimed at enhancing social and environmental sustainability. Whether in development, purchasing, production, logistics, facility management, or human resources: climate-friendly and social processes can be implemented across all areas of a company.