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Augsburg University of Applied Sciences launches new Master program "Identity Design"

The first possible start date for the study program is winter semester 2022/2023

"Who are we to tell you who you are?": The new Master in Identity Design is the only study program in Germany that offers students an in-depth examination of the topic of identity within communication design. Photo: Public Art, Julian Opie, London, Augsburg University of Applied Sciences
Mar 17, 2022

In fall 2022, the new Master program Identity Design (M.A) will start at the Faculty of Design at the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences. The study program is designed for a duration of three semesters. It conveys to the students the skills required to make a significant contribution to successful, identity-forming communication as communication designers. Interested candidates can apply from 2 May 2022 to start the program in winter semester 2022/2023.


The new Master program at the Faculty of Design at the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences is the only study program in Germany that offers students an in-depth examination of the topic of identity within communication design. In this way, it responds to current developments, given that questions of group membership and collective identity are increasingly the subject of public discussion, and often not without controversy. They arise in a very practical way in business, politics, culture and society.

"Collective identity as an experience is at the center of our new study program", says course director Prof. Stefan Bufler. "Identity cannot be easily grasped or prescribed. Many factors determine where we feel at home and to whom we give our trust, loyalty, time and labor. One important factor is community: It is experienced, lived and learned. The importance of communication within, with or via a group is key, but is often underestimated. This communication is the subject of our new Master in Identity Design program."

Interdisciplinary curriculum

The curriculum of the study program includes lectures to raise awareness of a wide variety of forms of expression and manifestation of collective identity, several core modules and a theory module. During field studies, the students obtain insights into various sociotopes.

As designers, they approach the topic from an artistic/design self-perception, in which a wide range of research forms and methods of gaining knowledge (user-centered, participative, performative, speculative, etc.) have their place depending on the objective.

In the second semester, the knowledge gained during the first semester is incorporated into projects initiated by the students, offered by the professors or conducted in cooperation with external partners: In the process, students can rethink and try out identity-forming design processes in business, political or social/societal contexts. A key theme, which changes each year, provides a cross-module focus.

The Faculty of Design's collegium, which is responsible for the study program, is made up of Prof. Stefan Bufler (Identity Design), Prof. Maurice Göldner (font), Prof. Carolin Jörg (artistic design) and Prof. Robert Rose (time-based media). Professors from other disciplines (social psychology, architecture, marketing, ethics, etc.) and external experts are also involved in teaching, depending on the specialization.

Diverse career prospects

The graduates of this study program will be particularly well qualified to provide advice and practical support to companies, organizations and institutions in developing and conducting identity-relevant communication measures. Their understanding of the complexity of the topic and feel for the "right tone" will allow them to set important trends for successful communication in appropriately positioned processes.

Prospective careers include as experts of creative business in interdisciplinary design or corporate branding agencies, as communication professionals in companies and NGOs, and as facilitators of development and participation processes in institutions of public life and community – in art and culture, politics or administration.

Application and admission

Admission to the study program is possible once per year in the winter semester through a two-stage application process. The application period to begin the study program in winter semester 2022/2023 is from 2 May to 15 June 2022.

Interviews will take place on 11 July 2022.

Additional information

Interested candidates can find information on the study program, the program prerequisites and the application procedure at:


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