If you have any questions regarding the “Rahmenprüfungsordnung” (basic examination regulations), the “Allgemeine Prüfungsordnung” (general examination regulations) or the syllabus and examination regulations relevant to your degree program, please contact the examination office during opening hours.

The examination procedure at the Bavarian Universities of Applied Sciences follows the basic examination regulations (“RaPO”). They comprise regulations for procedure, i.e. formal rules that apply to examinations in all degree programs. These include deadlines for retaking examinations and the maximum deadlines by which examinations must be taken.

In addition to the RaPO, the general examination regulations at Augsburg University of Applied Sciences (“POFH”) govern the specific regulations procedure that only applies to Augsburg UAS.

As well as this, each degree program has its own syllabus and examination regulations that set down what is to be tested. They include the examination subjects that you have to pass.

You are expected to keep yourself informed about the current examination regulations. It is your own responsibility to ensure that you are up-to-date with both the general examination regulations and those specific to your degree program. You will be held responsible for any absences or missed deadlines resulting from ignorance of the relevant examination regulations; this could prevent you from successfully completing your degree.  In addition to the relevant legal norms, there are some recommended courses of action that offer assistance in meeting the university’s legal requirements.



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