The application-oriented exchange program is completely in English and requires no German proficiency.

For daily life and life on campus, you can acquire German language skills at A1.1 level in a virtual course provided by the Center for Languages and Intercultural Communication (ZSI) in both, the Research internships and the Applied study semester.

You get access two weeks before start, and study flexible throughout your whole stay or before. When successfully completed, you achieve 1 credit.

In case you have any questions Maria Lena Weinkam, our coordinator at the ZSI, will readily assist you.

Additionally, you can improve your German proficiency at a complete A1 level in a German intensive course or in a semester course in class at the ZSI after accomplishing the virtual language course.

If you participate in the Research internship program, please consider that the time schedule of the intensive course has to be in accordance with your laboratory schedule. However, you can arrange with your supervising professor about the schedules in advance.

Courses at the ZSI provide different numbers of credits. Please take a look at the course offer.

For individual practice, the Center for Languages and Intercultural Communication helps you to find a tandem: You match with an English learning student and meet together to practice and improve your language skills in the way both of you agreed about it.

To sum up:

  • Working language: English
  • Optional:
  • virtual German language course to navigate on daily life and life on campus (level A1.1); 1 Credit 
  • 1 German intensive course or semester course (different levels; based on  A1.1) with option for exam/ certificate; Numbers of credits on the website
  • Participation in the tandem program; no credits
  • Do you like to test your German skills? Try by the self-test of Ernst Klett Verlag. This level of the questions is constantly increasing. When deciding to stop testing, you can finish this test by clicking on "Alles einreichen" at the bottom at the left and you receive your result