Re-enrollment for your next semester


If you wish to continue your studies for another semester, you will need to re-enroll at the university.

The deadlines for re-enrollment are provided for each new semester, and are generally 2-3 weeks before the beginning of the examination period.

Please refer to the list of dates issued by the Office of Academic Affairs for the exact dates. In addition to this, the dates will be posted on the notice boards throughout the university.

You should re-enroll by transferring the semester fee of 150,63 euros to the account below by the given deadline. This sum is made up of the Student Services fee of 72,00 euros and the fee for the semester ticket of 78,63 euros. The bank transfer should be filled out as follows:


RecipientTechnische Hochschule Augsburg
BankBayerische Landesbank München
Total150,63 euros
Reason for transfer

Registration number/WS2023/24/Surname, Name

(Please fill out the transfer form exactly as stated)


Please note that bank transfers that do not include the student’s registration number cannot be processed.

Students that do not follow the correct re-enrollment procedure or do not re-enroll within the given deadline will be deregistered (cf. clause 49 paragraph 2 No. 4 of the Bavarian Higher Education Act).

Remember to validate your Campus Card Augsburg after completing your re-enrollment. This needs to be done every semester. Through validation of the card, the previous expiry date is deleted from the card and the chip and replaced with the new one. The card can usually be validated from one week before the start of the semester onwards. You will be sent an email informing you of the exact dates.

Please note the deadlines for registering your internship or making an application for an academic leave of absence.

Please also note that you will need to provide a new certificate of health insurance coverage if your insurance status or health insurance company has changed.

  • Health insurance for students: information sheet

Reimbursement of fees and charges


You can only apply for the reimbursement of your Student Services fee, including the price of the semester ticket, if you have deregistered or been deregistered   before the start of the following semester (30 September for the winter semester, 14 March for the summer semester).

First-semester students who are transferring from the university at which they originally had a place are exempt from these deadlines.

If you have already received your Campus Card Augsburg, you will need to return it to the Student Office along with the Application for reimbursement of the Student Services fee.

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