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Augsburg University of Applied Sciences Encourages Students from Ukraine to Apply for the Master's Program International Business and Finance

The Faculty of Business Starts an Onboarding Campaign

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Feb 28, 2022

Academic Advisor Prof. Dr. Thorsten Feix sends a message to people from Ukraine who might be interested in the Master's program International Business and Finance (M.A.). The faculty also sets up an onboarding campaign in order tu support prospective Ukrainian students.

See update below (04/03/22).


Dear Ukrainian civilians,

our thoughts and solidarity is with you, especially as we have and had wonderful Ukrainian students within our International Master Program "International Business & Finance". But we think just speaking about solidarity and humanity is not enough. Every single true and peaceful European and European entities should think twice how we could support you on very short notice. Literally, that is also the idea of our international Master's program.

Here comes our little support initiative on short notice:

We would highly welcome Ukrainian students in our next Master term, officially starting on Oct 1st 2022! But we will also support you immediately:

You may send your application or just a simplified e-mail to our assistant Julia Koch or myself ([Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript][Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript]). We will also activate our alumni network, especially our Ukrainian students in Germany.

We hope that we will be able to support you on five ends:

1.) We will offer on short-notice a lecture series on finance and strategy to lower entrance requirements in the summer-term. If you are not already in Augsburg / Munich we will offer streaming possibilities.

2.) We are discussing short-term English support / classes as our master is taught fully in English (literally, you do not need at first instance any German skills)

3.) We will ask on political level for support for dorms. I'm sure we will get strong support from our lovely city Augsburg and our president of the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg.

4.) We will also ask for support how to simplify and speed up visa application processes so that we could welcome you longterm

5.) We will research how to activate financial funds to support you on living expenses. Midterm we are sure that our broad consulting and corporate network will offer internships et al.

Please do not hesitate to contact Julia or myself for any matters. Let's stand up for humanity.

Thorsten Feix

04/03/2022: Update: We are now ready for onboarding Ukrainian refugee students


Dear Ukrainian students,

we are ready to onboard you immediately for our master's program "International Business & Finance" (starting officially on October 1).

The only prerequisite we are bound to is a good Bachelor degree in Finance, Business, Economics or equivalent and decent English capabilities (something like B1+/B2, or TOEFL > 65 points).

1.) Alisa organizes at our campus separate English lectures / a boot camp to level up your English capabilities till autumn to our C1 requirement. I'm sure we will get also basic German classes set up but that is not mandatory for our master program.

Our Ukrainian and Russian students also would like to support you as well as both our master classes.

2.) Together with our dean Prof. Michael Feucht I'm in a process to create / design a way to stream lectures on Math, R-coding, Finance and Multinational Business Finance, including lecture presentations, as deep finance knowledge is a prerequisite for the start of the Master on Oct 1.

3.) We have already a couple of dorms and there is an indication that much more rooms could get organized. We are in close contact with the initiatives of the Catholic and Protestant community as well as our student dorm management (Studentenwohnheime). Also, there are a lot of support initiatives on public-private level here in Munich and Augsburg

4.) Companies and Foundations will also support (more to come)

So contact us:

[Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript] or [Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript]

P.S. for all other global students, the regular application period is still May 1 to June 15.

Thorsten Feix

Further Information for Ukrainian Students