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Collection and classification


The open access media are set by subjects:

  • Study of Science, Higher Education (AK, AL)
  • Media, Communication Studies, Design (AM-AP)
  • Ecology (AR)
  • Philosophy Psychology (C)
  • Social Sciences (D)
  • Languages (E-K)
  • Art (L)
  • Sociology, Political Sciences (M)
  • History (N)
  • Law, Economy (P, Q)
  • Mathematics (SK)
  • Computer Science (ST)
  • Natural sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Biology (T-W)
  • Technology (general) (ZG)
  • Architecture, Civil Engineering (ZH, ZI)
  • Mechanical Engineering (ZL, ZM)
  • Electrical Engineering (ZN)
  • Traffic, Power Engineering, Measurement Technology, Mechatronics (ZO-ZQ)

The collection reflects the Range of Courses offered at the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg and is classified systematically according to the  Regensburger Verbundklassifikation.

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Open access media are for loan, except for:

  • Journals
  • Books with a yellow label on the spine
  • Temporary Reserve Collection

Where to find




The shelfmark serves to find a book in the library:

  • it is shown in the online catalogue InfoGuide plus / "Holdings"
  • and on a label on the spine of each library item.

It is made up of several elements:

An example: 160/ZL 7600 B835-2(6)+2

  • 160/ = Location (in this case: open shelf book in the reading room)
  • ZL 7600 =Subject  (in this case: ZL = Mechanical engineering, 7600 = subcategory Refrigeration technique)
  • B835 = Code for author's name (in this case: Breidenbach, Karl)
  • after a hyphen, the Volume is specified (-2)
  • and in brackets the Edition (6).
  • If the library owns multiple copies, the shelfmark ends with a counting (+2).

How to find a book on the shelves:

  • Only the locations 02, 150, 160, 170 or 180 are open access and to be fetched by yourself in our reading room.
    All other locations are not for direct access. You can either order them from the repository via the library catalogue InfoGuide and  collect them at our information desk the following day (01, 03, 23) or contact us for assistance (all other locations).
  • The library plan gives a survey where the different subjects are located in the reading room.
  • The signs on the sides of the shelves help you find your subject and the row with the relevant subcategory (e.g. ZL 7600).
  • Now look in this area for the subcategory. Within each subcategory, the books are in alphanumeric order according to the shelfmark (Code of author's name - Volume - Edition - Number of copy)
  • Find the book with the label that matches exactly the shelfmark you've noted (e.g. ZL 7600 B835-2(6)+2).


01Books in the Repositoryfor loan; order
02Journals in the Reading roomnot for loan
03Non-book material in the Repositoryfor loan; order
23Theses in the Repositoryfor loan; order
150Reference books in the Reading room, yellow labelnot for loan
160Reading roomfor loan
170Non-book media in the Reading roomfor loan
180Children's corner in the Reading roomfor loan
otherIn different faculties / laboratories: access only in exceptional cases. Please contact the appropriate department directly.