The library of the University of Applied Sciences of Augsburg is open to alumni, pupils (at least 16 years old), teachers, students and staff of other universities as well as all inhabitants of Augsburg and surroundings.

Registration is possible from Monday till Thursday 9-18 and Friday 9-16 with your identity card at the information desk of the library. There is a one-time fee for the library card of 5 €. (If possible, pay with a banknote).

You can download the registration form in advance here (.pdf) Please note our privacy policy.

General regulations on the use of Bavarian State Libraries, see ABOB 

1 card - 2 libraries: UAS and University

  • You can use the University Library of Augsburg with your CCA of the University of Applied Sciences. Fill in the online form first and validate your CCA the following day at the information desk of the central library of the university (plan).
  • If you already have a CCA of the University, it can be activated for the use of our library, too. In this case, there is no fee for the library card.