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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jens Gattermann

Tasks and objectives

The Laboratory for Foundation Engineering is used for training in the Bachelor and Master study programs for the subjects soil mechanics, foundation engineering, special civil engineering. Methods of experimental soil mechanics and earthwork testing are taught to students in a practice-oriented manner. The laboratory conducts applied research and technology transfer with construction authorities, construction companies, engineering firms and building material manufacturers.

Building material tester: Rainer Dürrwanger


Laboratory rooms with equipment and work stations, mobile test stands, fixed test stands in the building, outdoor area, storage and cellar rooms. The Laboratory for Foundation Engineering is equipped with devices for the study and analysis of soils for civil engineering purposes. All experiments can be conducted in the field and laboratory to determine the characteristics of the soil that forms the foundation for structures or that is used as building material in earthwork. The range of services includes all standard tests for soils according to DIN:

  • Determination of the particle size distribution
  • Determination of the plasticity limits
  • Determination of the water content
  • Determination of the organic components
  • Determination of the lime content
  • Determination of the density and particle density
  • Determination of the soil compactness
  • Proctor test
  • Uniaxial and triaxial compression test
  • Shear test
  • Compression test
  • Permeability test
  • Stat. and dyn. plate load test
  • Density measurement in situ
  • Vane shear test
  • Dynamic probing