Vermessungsübung, Dr. Weber.



Tasks and objectives

For practical training in surveying as well as for Bachelor and Master theses, a surveying laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art surveying instruments and additional equipment. The faculty’s surveying laboratory is a central component of practical training on a wide range of analog and digital surveying equipment and is available equally to students of architecture, energy-efficient planning and building, and civil engineering.


The surveying laboratory contains surveying equipment for student training in addition to basic surveying equipment (e.g. alignment rods, rod spiders, plumb bobs, angle prisms, etc.) optical levels and theodolites, electronic engineering tachymeters, and a photogrammetric measuring camera. The equipment was supplemented recently by the fastest and most powerful surveying device on the market today, in the form of a scanning station. Recorded data is evaluated by means of special software which is available on the computers in the student workroom, the graduates' rooms and the servers of the computing center.