Studierender nimmt Probe


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rita Hilliges

Tasks and objectives

The Laboratory for Water Management is used for training in the Civil Engineering study program. In the practical laboratory course on water management, students receive an insight into the analysis procedure for determining the relevant wastewater parameters. One part of the practical laboratory course is a tour of the Däsing wastewater treatment plant, which allows students to obtain an optimal overview of the wastewater treatment processes.

In addition to the ongoing teaching activities, application-related research work is carried out for public clients (Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment and Consumer Protection, Bavarian State Office for the Environment, German Federal Highway Research Institute) and for clients from industry. Furthermore, analyses and measurement campaigns, e.g. at wastewater treatment plants, can be commissioned. The students are involved through project, Bachelor and Master theses and in the context of the Master of Applied Research (MAPR) study program.

Another test facility is available at a highway access road in Augsburg for practical training and research activities. This facility is a high-quality lysimeter plant which is well equipped in terms of measurement technology. Studies on topics such as road runoff and treatment options can be researched here. The facility was originally built by the Bavarian State Office for the Environment (LfU) and was later taken over by the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences and the German Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt). Various infiltrative materials and their ability to retain pollutants from street runoff can be studied, for example.

Measuring equipment

  • Reactor operation on a semi-technical scale
  • Large range of pumps and flow measurement devices
  • Automatic dosing systems
  • Automatic sampler for generating flow- or time-proportional samples from water, wastewater etc.
  • Probes for measuring pH, conductivity, O2 content
  • UV photometer with digestion unit for measuring wastewater parameters
  • OxiTop system for determination of biochemical oxygen demand after 5 days
  • Pressure and vacuum filtration units
  • Centrifuges
  • Planetary mill
  • Annealing furnace, drying cabinet
  • Nitrate/nitrite probe for process monitoring
  • Automatic titrator for anion and cation determination
  • Precision and analytical scales
  • CST measuring device