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    Security for businesses.

    Innovative protection of products, systems and infrastructures. Securing investments sustainably.

    The Institute for Innovative Safety and Security at Augsburg Technical University of Applied Sciences (HSA_innos) supports organizations of all sizes to operate the networked world in secure and sustainably successful way. 

    The institute's innovative approaches make systems, products and personnel resistant to digital threats to business and society.


    HSA_innos combines scientific expertise with a deep understanding of practical challenges and thus generates valuable know-how. This enables HSA_innos to design, implement and evaluate innovative security solutions for systems and products - in close cooperation with the institute's partners.

    HSA_innos directly transfers the knowledge gained into the training and further education of today's and tomorrow's security experts. In addition, the institute raises security awareness in society by networking with stakeholders from science, industry and politics.


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    The institute's key subjects

    Industrielle Sicherheit

    Industrial security

    Securing digitized production

    Classic IT systems are increasingly connected with industrial machinery and equipment (OT). The so-called Industry 4.0 enables companies, for example, to carry out predictive maintenance work or to improve their product's quality. These networks render security a necessary cornerstone for sustainable investments.


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    Risk Management

    Identifying and addressing threats

    Digital business models offer companies new ways to create value, for example through data-based decision support, customized billing models or individualized products. But such models also expose companies to risks that need to be specifically investigated and reduced.

    Embedded Security

    Symbolbild Embedded Security

    Embedded Security

    Products need security

    Whether in household appliances, programmable logic controllers or vehicles - embedded systems are everywhere. These components often perform very specific and critical tasks. This makes them important elements in networked systems and thus frequent targets of cyberattacks.


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    Digital Forensics

    Conservation of evidence 2.0

    Today, criminal prosecution also takes place digitally. Evidence is not only available physically - it can also be found on storage devices and everyday electronics that are particularly difficult to access.


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