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Institute for agile Software Development


The Institute for agile Software Development (THA_ias) conducts research in close cooperation with partners from industry and science with a focus on agile software development, programming languages & security, process digitization and AI applications. The resulting projects cover a wide range of applications, such as digital health, production technology or the digitization of public administration. The training and further education of software engineers for the challenges of the future is a central concern of the institute.

Agile software development

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Agile project techniques have been promising better planning and execution of (software) development projects for more than 20 years, and in the meantime have been hyped as a panacea against all kinds of project disasters. After a sobering phase, one thing is clear: things can go wrong here too. We have made it our mission to study agile software development techniques, apply them in our few projects and further develop them. The knowledge gained should help to use the methods and techniques profitably in different contexts.

Process digitization in healthcare


Digitization is penetrating more and more into all areas of human life. The healthcare sector is also coming under increasing pressure to make greater use of the opportunities offered by digitization. The big promise behind it is to streamline and automate administrative processes so that nurses and doctors can invest more time in actual patient care. But where should healthcare providers start with digitization? Which technologies are worth considering? BPMN, CMMN, DMN, Process Engines or Robot Process Automation? And the most important question of all: Can digitization really keep its time-saving promise in the end?

Together with our partners, we are working on developing solutions for process digitization and finding answers to these questions.

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Programming languages and security

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In order to meet the challenges posed by the digitalization of workflows and interactions in the private environment, software developers and computer scientists need good tools to keep up with the ever-increasing requirements. The central question is: How can an efficient software development (time, quality, security requirements) be realized? One possibility to approach this goal is to optimize already used aids (programming languages, tools etc.) for an efficient use. But also the analysis of architecture patterns and decision of collaboration plays an important role. Together with our partners we are working on finding answers to these questions.

Application of AI


The application of AI-based software solutions, especially machine learning, offers enormous potential, but the requirements and possible uses are not always clear. As part of the Augsburg AI network for production technology, we offer SMEs the low-threshold opportunity to develop concepts for AI-based solutions as part of student projects, to implement them as prototypes and to evaluate them. If you are interested, please contact our THA_innolab team!

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