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Support initiative for German schools abroad and partner schools (BIDS) 2023-25

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Project description

The "Study@HSA" project aims to strengthen the "international campus" of Augsburg University of Applied Sciences. Through networking and cooperation with PASCH schools, the proportion of first-year students with a PASCH background will be increased and the university will become more attractive through their active involvement and participation.


The project pursues four main project objectives

  • Contacts/networks between Augsburg University of Applied Sciences and PASCH schools abroad are expanded (project objective 1)
  • PASCH students and graduates are part of Augsburg University of Applied Sciences' international marketing strategy (project objective 2)
  • PASCH students and graduates from target regions are familiar with Augsburg University of Applied Sciences and are informed about the courses offered and the application process at the university (project objective 3)
  • PASCH graduates have started studying at Augsburg University of Applied Sciences (project objective 4)


The four project objectives mentioned above will be implemented with the help of various project measures. The following is planned: Marketing material for PASCH schools, "Meet the HSA" - an introductory program for teachers, "HSA_visits" - digital student visits. In order to prepare PASCH graduates for the application process and to facilitate the first steps before starting their studies in Augsburg, the following information events are organized: "Applying to the HSA", "Living in Augsburg", "First Steps - My Way to Augsburg". In addition, a BIDS scholarship is awarded to a graduate of a PASCH school every winter semester.


All [Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript] measures at Augsburg University of Applied Sciences are coordinated or overseen by the International Office.


Contact Person


Project Manager

Margareta Perković Begić

International Office


+49 821 55863653


+49 821 55863207


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