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At the Faculty of Mechanical and Process Engineering, we train students to become the engineers of tomorrow. Our academic education and research activities are closely linked to the industry. This optimally prepares our graduates for future challenges in their professional lives



The Faculty of Mechanical and Process Engineering is located at the Campus am Brunnenlech. Lecture halls, seminar rooms, and numerous laboratories are on campus.

Other facilities are spread throughout the city of Augsburg. Research infrastructures are situated at:

  • the Augsburg Technology Center (TZA)
  • the Materials Resource Management (MRM) building
  • the Institute of Textile Technology Augsburg (ITA)
  • and at the Bifa Umweltinstitut GmbH


A stream crosses the campus with seating alongside it. The campus has a cozy cafeteria and a coffee bar. It provides direct access to the library, the computer center, and workspaces for students. Green areas around the Faculty of Mechanical and Process Engineering allow students to relax between classes, as does a spacious room with sofas, armchairs, and more workspaces on the second floor of the faculty.