Foto: Christina Bleier
Laboratory area
Laboratory for Combustion Engines
Abbreviated nameVMOT
Academic leadershipProf. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Wieler
RoomF 1.09a | F 1.09 | F 1.09b
Laboratory belongs to Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering
Workstations Max. 8
HistoryThe laboratory was founded in 1963 and originally used with three test stations with a large diesel engine and two car engines and a test station for towed operation in the open hall of the D Building. In 2014, the laboratories were newly set up in the new F Building.
Tasks and objectives

With the experiments on the Otto engine set up in Laboratory F1.09a, the influences of important setting parameters on consumption and emission of pollutants can be illustrated.

Engines and their components can be driven on the tow test bench F1.09b, whereby their mechanical behavior is investigated.
Laboratory equipment

In addition to all operationally important equipment, the Laboratory for Combustion Engines F 1.09a contains measuring devices for determining the

  • Torque, speed and power
  • Air and fuel throughput rates
  • Indexed cylinder pressure curves
  • Emission of pollutants
The tow test bench F 1.09b has a maximum drive power of 50 kW. The engine components can be externally heated and lubricated. The measuring equipment of F 1.09a can also be used in F 1.09b.