Foto: Peter Erber
Laboratory nameLaboratory for Sample Preparation
Abbreviated nameLPP
Academic leadershipProf. Dr. mont. Helmut Wieser
RoomF 1.05
Laboratory belongs to
  • Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering
  • Bachelor in Environmental and Process Engineering
  • Master in Lightweight Construction and Composite Technology
HistoryThe laboratory was created in 2011. Prof. Dr. mont. Helmut Wieser took over leadership from Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Peter Tautzenberger in WS 17/18.
Tasks and objectives
  • Preparation of samples for specific analyses
  • Mainly the following work steps can be performed: Separation of samples, embedding in synthetic resin, grinding, polishing and etching. The laboratory is used, for example, for the material technology practical training (Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering and Bachelor in Environmental and Process Engineering), for the metallography practical training within the Welding Technology module (Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering), for the preparation of samples from the Fiber Composite Laboratory and the Laboratory for Welding Technology, and for theses and research projects.
Laboratory equipment
  • Surface grinding machine MACO Type FS350 with belt filter system
  • Cutting machine STRUERS Type Discotom-6, wheel diameter 250 mm
  • Grinding/polishing machine STRUERS Type Tegramin-20
  • Grinding machine STRUERS Type Knuth Rotor
  • Polishing machine STRUERS Type DP10
  • Disc grinding machine HERZOG Type HT 350-2
  • Bench-mounted fume cupboard WALDNER Type Secuflow with laboratory washbasin and extracted base cabinet
  • Hazardous material cabinet ASECOS