Laboratory nameStrength-Testing Laboratory I
Abbreviated nameFestLabI
Academic leadershipProf. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Wieler
RoomF 1.08
Laboratory belongs to

Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering

HistoryConstruction of the Strength-Testing Laboratory was started in summer semester 2011. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Freund took over its leadership from Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ingo Bolling on 1 October 2017 after the latter’s retirement.
Tasks and objectives

Experiments on the fundamentals of strength theory:

  • Tensile tests on bolted, riveted and bonded joints
  • Bending and torsion tests on bars with various cross-sections
  • Buckling tests on bars of various diameters with different bearings
  • Recording of spring characteristics
  • Superposition experiments
Laboratory equipment
  • Platform and crane scales for measuring forces
  • Dial gauges for measuring deformations