Foto: Daniel Fürst | Festigkeitslabor 2
Laboratory nameStrength-Testing Laboratory II
Abbreviated name 
Academic leadershipProf. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Schlägel
RoomF 2.06
Laboratory belongs to 
Tasks and objectives 
Laboratory equipment
  • 1 Windows computer cluster with 36 processors and Ansys 14 simulation software (3 workstations)
  • 3 hydraulic presses with a maximum compression force of 500 kN
  • 1 latest-generation measuring system for simultaneous measurement of strains, deformations, forces and pressures
  • 1 dynamic mechanical analyzer (DMA) Mettler-Toledo DMA/SDTA861e
, temperature range: -150°C to +500°C, frequencies up to 1000 Hz, forces up to 40N
  • 1 precision cutting machine Presi Mecatome T180, material separation accurate to 1/100mm
  • 1 dynamic differential scanning calorimeter (DSC) TA Instruments Q2000