Imparting knowledge of project-related design and construction in the lightweight construction with a focus on facade construction and consideration aspects of energy-efficient planning and building. Dependencies on load-bearing and extension grids. The layers of the building envelope and the design principles and the integration of the glazed elements into the building envelope. On tasks of medium difficulty, the dependence of the structural shape of the material and the relationship between the formation of the experience the building envelope and energy loss. The dependence on exposure and energy balance is calculated according to ENEV requirements. The development of form and structure is concretized in model and drawing, where the functionality is demonstrated on selected details. In large-scale model making, knowledge of materials and their processing is imparted.

Qualification objectives

Students have advanced knowledge of the constructive design in the filigree construction method and in-depth knowledge about the construction of the building envelope in connection with the requirements of ENEV. They apply the complex knowledge in process-oriented design.
They are able to carry out  typologically structured application of the acquired complex in architectural planning.

Teaching materials
Lecture accompanying material, literature list