Please note: You can choose up till two special areas.

  • This module teaches the students topics supplementary to the project seminars and is based on in-depth study of organization, design and materials of architectural space.
  • To do so, the students work on individual aspects relating to the topics and present papers on them, e.g. type of infrastructure, access situation, skirting area, roofscape, facades as third skin, etc. As far as possible, interdisciplinary topics are offered in collaboration with other faculties (e.g. the topic of Movable Bridges in collaboration with the Department of Construction Engineering).
  • Working with specialist engineers, the students practice the division of tasks and technical communication.
Qualification objectives
  • After participating in these seminars, the students will have gained in-depth knowledge of parameters for structuring space and of materials.
  • They have extensive knowledge of specific presentation techniques and are able to process topics independently and present them using appropriate techniques (specialist skills).
  • At the same time, they have gained experience in process-related strategies and methods of division of labor and communication, especially through working with specialist engineers.
Teaching materials

Lecture notes, bibliography