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Project AUTARK - everyday support for autistic young people

Computer Science

Project description

As part of the Autark project, an application is being developed to provide everyday support for autistic young people. The application offers affected families the opportunity to digitally plan daily routines and tasks with step-by-step instructions. In an app on the smartphone, autistic people have all the plans and instructions for coping with their everyday life with them and are reminded to complete their tasks. This helps them to be independent and self-determined in their everyday lives.
An important aspect of the development is the customisability of the application, as those affected react very differently to different stimuli.

When using a self-management application such as Autark, a lot of data is generated that provides a deep insight into a family's everyday life. For this reason, one focus of development is on storing relevant data securely and so that it cannot be viewed by unauthorised third parties.

The project was developed in several phases at Augsburg University of Applied Sciences. Several final theses and project work (AZ reported here -> link) were carried out as part of Autark. The project is now being further developed under the name mivao as part of EXIST funding. Further information can be found on the website of the founding team (external:

Autark is supported by the Innovation Lab at Augsburg University of Applied Sciences.

Involved in the project


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexandra Teynor

Computer Science


+49 821 5586-3512


+49 821 5586-3499

Former project participants

Michael Fürmann, Sandra Hobelsberger, Marina Lemcke, Kathrin Jörg, Daniel Voss

Medical Project partner

Prof. Dr. med. Michele Noterdaeme

Head physician Klinik für Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie

Josefinum Augsburg

Simon Mayer

Specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy

Josefinum Augsburg

Contact with families

SAA Selbsthilfegruppe Autismus Augsburg

Kompetenzzentrum Autismus Schwaben-Nord

Caritasverband für die Diözese Augsburg e.V.

Project hisotry


Start-up team receives EXIST funding

Michael Fürmann's team received EXIST funding in August 2020 (see also EXIST homepage) and is now continuing the project under the name mivao. Current information is available on the new project website at

Start-up team submits funding application

On 10 December 2019, the founding team led by Michael Fürmann submits the application for the EXIST start-up grant via Augsburg University of Applied Sciences.

"Autark" project wins third place at the Hochsprung Award

Munich, 25 October 2019: The "Autark" project team from Augsburg University of Applied Sciences has won third place in the 2019 Hochsprung Award. Margarita and Michael Fürmann were presented with the award last Tuesday in Munich by Minister of State Bernd Sibler. Their start-up project continues the Autark project at Augsburg University of Applied Sciences, in which an application is being developed to support autistic young people in their everyday lives.
To the press release

Setting up CI/CD for JavaScript Applications with GitLab and Docker

Research work by Michael Fürmann on 29/03/2019

Supervisor: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexandra Teynor

Design of Secure Data and Information Flow in JavaScript Applications

Paper by Michael Fürmann, presented at the Applied Research Conference 2018
Supervisor: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexandra Teynor


Planning and implementation of a secure information flow in JavaScript web applications

Research work by Michael Fürmann on 27/04/2018
Supervisor: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexandra Teynor


User-centred development of a web-based task management system for highly functional autistic people

Bachelor's thesis in the Computer Science degree programme
by Daniel Voß on 20/09/2017

Supervisor: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexandra Teynor

Conception of an application to support the self-organisation of highly functional autistic people

Master's thesis in the Interactive Media Systems degree programme
by Kathrin Jörg on 31/03/2017

First supervisor: Prof. Daniel Rothaug
Second supervisor: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexandra Teynor

Gadget to support highly functional autistic people in everyday situations

Semester project work from the Computer Engineering degree programme on 24.01.2017 under the supervision of Prof. Dr Alexander von Bodisco

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