Foto: Christina Bleier
Laboratory nameAutomotive Engineering Laboratory
Abbreviated nameFZT
Academic leadershipProf. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Wieler
RoomF 1.09b, F 1.09, F 1.12
Laboratory belongs toBachelor in Mechanical Engineering (automotive engineering specialization)
Workstationsmax. 8

In the 1990s, the vehicle test bench was built on the towing facility of the Laboratory for Combustion Engines. The laboratories were re-established in the new F Building in 2014 and supplemented by a roller function test bench for 1-axle-driven vehicles.

Tasks and objectives
  • Towing test bench: Investigation of the operating behavior of drum and disc brakes
  • Roller test bench: Investigation of drivability, consumption and emission of pollutants
Laboratory equipment
  • Towing device 35 kW
  • Measuring chains for measuring force, pressure and temperature
  • Software HBM Catman Easy
  • Roller test bench: Designed for power of 200 kW at max. 200 km/h for short experiments. The controller allows various driving cycles to be programmed. In addition to the standard measuring signals of the roller test bench, the fuel consumption is determined volumetrically and the pollutant emissions determined in a simplified way via a 4-gas tester.