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Optimisation of event management

Computer Science

Project description

As part of the project to optimise event management at IHK Schwaben, the project team worked intensively on recording, analysing and optimising processes. As intensive contact with the customer is the top priority when recording processes, various workshops were organised on the premises of the IHK over the course of the project to record processes. During these workshops, the project team used the t.BPM method, which enables a simple and interactive form of process mapping.

The recorded processes were then modelled by the project team in Signavio and provided with a corresponding evaluation. Based on the modelled processes and the assigned ratings, the customer can now start an intensive internal evaluation phase in which the event management processes can be completely revised once again.

Involved persons

Supervisor (HSA):

Prof. Dr. Claudia Reuter

Sandra Hobelsberger

Cooperation Partner (IHK Schwaben):

Peter Baumann


Marius Rieg

Angelina Schilling

Simon Sterr

Sebastian Langer

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