Architecture Joint Venture

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Architecture (MA)

Project description

International Project Seminar with Seoul National University of Science and Technology  

Together with the artists Andreas Geißelhardt and Jangyoung Jung (JAK) students from of Augsburg University Applied Sciences and Seoul National University of Science and Technology worked in teams within the framework of 2 workshops on the topic of perception of space.

Perception of Space

Architecture is revision of perception. Our perception of space is shaped by the experience of the environment and the image our brain creates from impressions and memory. Moving through space creates a sequence of different perceptions. In addition to visual perception, other sensory impressions play an important role. However, what is the spatial impression if parts of our perception are disturbed.

The art figure JAK suffers from the rare clinical picture of agnosia - the loss of gnostic abilities, which is also described as soul blindness. It is a disorder of recognition without being able to diagnose sensory deficits, cognitive deficits, or attention disorders. Since affected persons are partly able to compensate the impaired perception channel by an unimpaired one, the perception of space on all channels was examined in this seminar.


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