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Montagsmail [News from the Student Representation]


Welcome to the English version of our (almost) weekly newsletter. Here we inform you about upcoming events, important dates and general information surrounding the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg.

Please note that not everything may be relevant for non-German-speakers. We are continuously working on improving the English version. Feel free to message us via e-mail ([Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript]) if you have suggestions or want to join the team.

Current Montagsmail


Dear fellow students,

Dear professors, lecturers and employees

In light of the impending "Gender Ban" effective from April 1st, we find ourselves at a crucial juncture. The directive, widely criticized for its exclusionary stance, threatens the inclusivity strides our university community has painstakingly achieved. Ironically, the measure intended to counteract a supposed "compulsion" towards gender-inclusive language ends up imposing its own form of exclusion, particularly affecting our queer and non-binary community members.

As a countermeasure, while we cannot adopt a "generic feminine" due to the nature of English, we will continue to innovate in our language to ensure inclusivity within our communications. This may not replicate the same protest as the generic feminine in German, but we aim to maintain an inclusive and welcoming environment through other means.

We regret the discomfort this situation may cause but feel compelled to stand firmly for inclusivity and diversity, especially in challenging times.

| Information |

Library opening hours Easter

Thursday, 28.03.2024: 09:00 - 18:00 (no evening opening)

Friday, 29.03.2024 - Monday, 01.04.2024: closed

Tuesday, 02.04.2024: 09:00 - 18:00 (no evening opening)

Summer schools abroad

As soon as the semester begins, the planning for the summer is already underway: If you are interested in a summer school, the best time to start looking for exciting courses is now. Our website [Link] once again offers numerous tips from our partner universities. Some application deadlines are actually just around the corner. You can apply for the Summer & Winter School Scholarship [Link] again in 2024 (deadline: 10.06.2024).

Nomination Summer School Dongguk University

Due to the good cooperation, our partner university Dongguk University (Seoul, South Korea) awards 3 tuition fee waivers (free places) for their Summer School on Korean Culture to THA students, who can attend one of the two sessions (Session 1: 24.05.-05.07.; Session 2: 08.07.-19.07.). For further information and how to apply (deadline: April 22), please visit our website [Link].

| Jobs & Scholarships & Prizes |

Student assistants wanted!

Did you know that there is a special page on the intranet where the student assistant positions at our university are advertised? Take a look, maybe there is a suitable position where you can gain varied experience in one area of the university. [Link]

" Young Leadership of Tomorrow " Scholarship

The Young Leadership of Tomorrow Scholarship invites female students to develop innovative leadership concepts for a cross-generational working world of the future.

suxeedo GmbH would like to make the scholarship possible for five female students.

All conditions of participation can be found here [Link].

| Events |

Speak Up, Stand Out: Find your communication character

Tuesday 26.03.2024 at 12:15 pm (Online)

Get the tools to recognize your full potential and present effectively. Get to know your personal communication type and use it for convincing pitches, while improving important communication skills for your career and networking with other participants. [Link]

With self-care more relaxed and fitter in everyday life - Feierabend im FunkenwerkTuesday, 26.03.2024 at 17:00 to 18:00 (W3.17)

Drop by at Feierabend im Funkenwerk - meet ideationalists, startup dreamers and like-minded people from the Technische Hochschule and be inspired by an exciting short lecture. Further information and registration at: [Link

CareerWorkout: "AI - Foreseeable effects on the working world of tomorrow", Monday, 19.04.24 from 11:30 - 13:00 (Online)

AI will be indispensable in the future and will bring some changes to the job market! Which professional fields will be more and which less affected? How will the application process change? What should you as a student know now for your future career planning? Find out in this seminar and register now! [Link

Girls'Day/Boys'Day - free places on 25.04.2024 for children in 7th - 9th grade

The Women's Office is once again organizing a Girls'Day and Boys'Day on Thursday, 25.04.2024. There are free places for girls in the faculties of Design, Computer Science, Mechanical and Process Engineering and Electrical Engineering. There is a program for boys in the Faculty of Business. Information and registration: [Link]

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