Guest Lecture:

Cinzia Sartori and Dr. Rastin Pries, Nokia Solutions and Networks

08.12.2023, 09:00 – 10:00

Unfortunately, the presentation cannot take place as planned on-site at THA, but will be conducted as an online event. You can find the access details below.


Metaverse – Hype or Flop?

As part of the specialization EITM (Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Technology Management), THA lecturer Dr. Iris Karabelas welcomes two high-ranking experts from Nokia on the subject of Metaverse. The term “Metaverse” was first used by Neal Stephensen in his novel Snow Crash in 1992 but since the renaming of Facebook, Inc., to Meta Platforms, Inc., it popped up everywhere in the news and was only lately replaced with the hype around generative AI.


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In this lecture, Cinzia Sartori and Dr. Rastin Pries will evaluate various aspects around the metaverse. The main questions are:

  • What is the metaverse?
  • Will there be one metaverse or multiple metaverses?
  • How can we access the metaverse?
  • Which use cases for the metaverse do we foresee?
  • What is the business potential of the metaverse?
  • Which time frame are we talking about?

 The lecture is also open to students from other faculties as well as alumni and friends of the THA.

Cinzia Sartori is a NOKIA Bell Lab Fellow and principal expert in the field of Mobile Network Architecture. She is engaged in end-to-end 5G Network Architecture with special focus on O-RAN and 3GPP, covering radio, transport, core networks as well as Slice Management and Orchestration. She holds several international patents, contributed several conference papers and she’s co-editor of “LTE Self-Organizing Network” book. She graduated as engineer in Pavia, Italy.

Dr. Rastin Pries received the master’s and Ph.D. degrees in computer science from the University of Wuerzburg, Germany. In 2015, he joined Nokia, Munich, Germany. He is currently the Research Project Manager with Nokia. He has more than ten years of experience in the telecommunication industry. He was the consortium leader of several national and international research projects. He co-leads the German BMBF lighthouse project 6G-ANNA. He is the author of numerous scientific conferences and journal papers as well as patents. His research interests include extended reality, such as edge computing, localization and mapping, and digital twinning.