Studierende auf dem Campus am Brunnenlech. Foto: Christina Bleier.


Application Period for the winter semester 

2 May – 15 July

NC-free bachelor's degree programs:


2 May – 15 July

NC-free bachelor's degree programs:

Extended application deadline

2 May – 30. September

Study programs with aptitude testing / selection procedure: 
2 May – 15 June
2 May – 31 May
Extended application deadline: 31 August
Master Programs 
2 May – 15 June


Application Period for the summer semester 
15 November – 15 January
15 November – 15 December


Application for a place on a degree program


You will find details of who to contact about your application in the Student Office of Augsburg UAS. This is also where to turn for help regarding the formal and legal requirements for your application. Please refer to the Infoblatt über das Zulassungsverfahren (“Application procedure flyer”) for all you need to know about your application and the procedures to follow when applying. The flyer includes important information about the degree programs on offer, restrictions regarding application, procedure for the allocation of places, special regulations, accreditation and so on.


Continuing Education




Abteilung für Studienangelegenheiten

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